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“Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Mae gan pob plentyn yr hawl i chwarae.”

Inclusive Play goes to the other side of the world.

GL Jones Playgrounds Ltd are proud to announce that not one but three of their award winning AbilityWhirl roundabouts have been installed over 9000 miles away! From their factory in Bethesda, North Wales right to the Big Swamp Wildlife Park in Bunbury, Busselton Foreshore and Seymour Park in Busselton, near Perth in Western Australia.

The creator Hefin Jones said that being able to make playgrounds accessible to all meant that their company motto “every child deserves the right to play” has proved itself time and time again.


All this was made possible through working closely with the Landscape Architects of the Bunbury City Council, Emerge Associates and the Accessible Playground Working Party who had helped the council to raise the money.

The company’s promotion of inclusive play is set to cover nearly every corner of the world, with enquiries coming from New Zealand, Russia, United States of America and Europe.

GL Jones have sold over 300 of the AbilityWhirl units  nationwide to date, transforming public parks and schools and now will start making a difference to all corners of the world.