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“Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Mae gan pob plentyn yr hawl i chwarae.”

Flint Unit - Inclusive Play Unit

Product Code:   H055-001-02

Flint Unit - Inclusive Play Unit

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Product description

The inclusive Flint Unit is designed for children of all abilities, promoting inclusive play with the adapted wider staircases, wide slide, multiple level hand rails and a play panel! Children can gain access to the platform by either testing their strength on the half pipe climb or by taking the easier route up the inclusive staircase. The staircase has been designed around the average household steps to reduce difficulty and increase confidence for the child.


List of Features:- 1 Deck - 1m High Wide Slide - Inclusive Staircase - Play Panel - Half Pipe Climb - Multiple Level Handrails

Product features

  • Hot Dip Galvanising Prior to Painting
  • Unit Can Be Customised to Your Needs
  • Rubber Grip Steps
  • Plastic Steps - Low Maintenance, Reducing Rusting and Paint Damage in High Use Areas.
  • Stainless Steel Wide Slide
  • Non-standard Colours - Available
  • Choice of Play Panel
  • Rubber Grips to Aid in Scrambling
  • Rope to Aid in Ascend
  • Age Range 3+